I’ve grown tremendously as a manager and as a leader with Jen as my coach; she’s been my rock through the most challenging times, she’s pushed me to do better, and she’s encouraged me out of my comfort zone into strengths I never thought I’d have. She also reflects on and marks my growth over time, calling back to seasons where I would never have been able to do a thing I just did. I honestly would not be where I am in my career and health today without Jen’s coaching.
— Lara Hogan, VP of Engineering
Working with Jen has been one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had. Before meeting Jen, I had never worked with a coach and wasn’t even completely sure what coaching was. After working with Jen, I became so convinced of the power of coaching that I left my job and ended up starting a business to help bring coaching to the world. The journey I’ve been on over the past two years has been an epic one, and Jen has helped me travel it every step of the way. Jen is encouraging, supportive, has helped me hold myself accountable and, perhaps most powerfully, has helped me figure out the answers for myself.
— Jamie Bryan, CEO and Co-Founder, Sayge
When I became the Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Etsy, I needed to hire someone who could deliver leadership coaching for all levels — Jen to the rescue.  The feedback from employees was consistent: Jen is insightful regardless of your domain or expertise (she coached engineers, marketing leaders, junior managers, C-suite and more); she is empathetic and warm without coddling you; she helps you pinpoint root issues and quickly reach solutions that fit your world and your style. Without Jen, I don’t know how I could have supported so many diverse individuals in such an effective and consistent way.
— Paloma Medina
I’ve been working with Jen for over three years. She has helped me grow tremendously as a leader. Whether she’s challenging me with the right questions, creating space to breathe, or holding me accountable to my own standards, I always come out of our sessions with a better understanding of myself, the problems I’m facing, and a clarity that facilitates action. I consider myself very lucky to have Jen as a coach and can’t imagine doing my job without her.
— Jason Wong, Senior Director of Engineering
Jen is a rare bird: she reflects back to me my deepest held values and goals, lets me find my way to my own answers, and peppers the whole thing with her own expertise and intuition. This combination (Jen’s secret sauce, so to speak) inspires me to problem solve, communicate, and lead in new and powerful ways that hold true to who I am and the way I want to show up for my organization, my family, and for myself.
— Gabrielle King Morse, Massachusetts Executive Director, uAspire
A coach? It wasn’t what I thought I was looking for when I embarked on this journey, but in truth it’s been exactly what I needed. In Jen, I’ve gained a trusted ally who asks thought provoking questions, provides a new perspective, and helps me get creative in taking on those stubborn challenges. It feels like a bonus that Jen is just a delight to talk with and has the best laugh in town.
— Martha C.