Leadership Coaching in Corporations

I coach leaders to understand and take responsibility for their impact at work and in the world.

Companies – especially in the tech space where most of my experience lies – change and grow so quickly that it’s often hard for leaders and managers of people to keep up.  Many have become managers for the first time, and in spite of best intentions, they haven’t been given all the tools and information they need to be successful.

I partner with HR and Learning and Development pros who are looking to create a coaching culture at their company.  I’ve coached hundreds of rising and senior leaders – from first time managers to the C-suite – to tap into their innate strengths and build muscle in areas where they need more strategies and confidence.

I am available for on site coaching in NYC as well as phone and video coaching.

When I became the Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Etsy, I needed to hire someone who could deliver leadership coaching for all levels – Jen to the rescue. Without [her], I don’t know how I could have supported so many diverse individuals in such an effective and consistent way.
— Paloma Medina


Every relationship is unique, though there are definitely common themes for executive coaching conversations:

  • FEEDBACK: How to give it.  How to receive it.  How to create a culture that supports it, and not just during official review times

  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Managing your own and your team’s

  • BALANCE: How to live the life you want, AND get your work done
  • EXECUTIVE PRESENCE/COMMUNICATION: How to show up authentically and powerfully in a range of situations

  • TIME AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT: How to carve out time for the important but not urgent stuff


I’d love to hear more about your company and how we might work together to make your teams more effective and more satisfied with their work.