How does it work?



I coach a select number of private clients who are looking to make a big change in their life or work, or stay at the top of their game. I’m interested in people with smarts, sensitivity, and a high degree of self-awareness.


I coach leaders to understand and take responsibility for their impact at work and in the world. Companies change and grow so quickly that it’s often hard for leaders and managers of people to keep up.


Who am I?

Jen Schenkel Coaching

I'VE BEEN COACHING SINCE 2012, driven by the desire to help people maximize their impact as leaders; envision and realize career transitions/growth; and identify and work through personal and professional roadblocks. I’ve coached leaders and career-changers at all levels and in many parts of the world, and it’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.


Who Are You?

YOU WANT A CAREER CHANGE. You’re in a job/career that no longer fits with your soul or your family life. You have some ideas and thoughts about what you love to do and what you’re good at. You want an accountability partner and a new way of thinking about work.

YOU WANT TO BRING LEADERSHIP COACHING TO YOUR COMPANY. You know (or have heard about) the deep impact coaching can have on employee satisfaction and effectiveness and you want to explore how it could work for your people.

YOU ARE A RISING LEADER IN TECH. OR A PARENT. OR BOTH. You're thinking about your next move, your leadership style, your dreams.


Who Are We? An unstoppable partnership.