Career & Leadership Coaching for Individuals

I coach a select number of private clients who are looking to make a big change in their life or work, or stay at the top of their game.   

I’m interested in people with smarts, sensitivity, and a high degree of self-awareness. I don’t have a formula, or a package to offer.  We will co-design how – and for how long – we work together based on who you are, what you value, and what your goals are for coaching.

You can be anywhere in the world – most of my coaching is done by phone, though if you live in Park Slope we can talk about meeting in person.

Generally you bring a staring agenda or topic, something you want to move forward on or understand more deeply. And we go from there, skipping, imagining, leaping, stumbling, learning our way towards your most fulfilling life.  

Working with Jen has been one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had. Jen is encouraging, supportive, has helped me hold myself accountable and, perhaps most powerfully, has helped me figure out the answers for myself.
— Jamie Bryan, CEO and Co-Founder, Sayge

You can count on me to:

  • SHINE A LIGHT on places that may feel surprising or new or even uncomfortable (and sometimes it’s my job to sit with you in the dark)

  • DISCOVER WITH YOU what you value most in life and work and to help you become as fully aligned with those values as possible

  • CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE when you are at your best and remind you of/stand up for that self when you lose sight of it

  • BE A WITNESS to your growth and learning, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, and a teller of hard truths when you need to hear them

  • OFFER EXERCISES, VISUALIZATIONS AND MEANINGFUL HOMEWORK that deepen your learning and keep you in action

  • BELIEVE that you hold all your answers, and the keys to your own kingdom

  • KEEP IT FUN, and authentic, and all about YOU

In return I expect you to:

  • COMMIT TO THE WORK of your own growth and learning

  • SPEAK UP for what you need

It’s an exciting, powerful and very personal choice to hire a coach.